Sunday, May 4, 2008

a sea washed up inside of me

in progress. sea glass from zanzibar, photos shot in pawley's island, south carolina, hair from emma the cat, rock from the indiana dunes state park, souvenir photos of niagara falls.


  1. I remember watching you collect that glass in Zanzibar, a sea at turmoil inside you. It looks much calmer now that it has been contained in a box. How deceptive. I like the title. A sea inside of you rather than over you.

  2. I like the title also, Cathy. A sea contained within one person--great imagery. My comment about "How Young.." involved the question of a water theme for it, as well as this one. However, I don't think this piece involves water, per se. Maybe I was just "seeing" water in "How Young..." because of the word "Wet" in the title.